About us

It all started back in January 2018. I was sitting at my desk and was given a “token” to log into my computer at work. This token was SUPER annoying, It had a loop to hang off your lanyard but it banged and clacked around all the time! I ran to amazon to find a badge holder that held my ID card and my “token” together….. NOTHING came up! That was the moment I realized I need to make a product!

I learned CAD in high school through the “Project Lead The Way” pre engineering program so I thought why not CAD a design and 3D print it? I went home that night and CADed the first prototype that night (up until 3am 🙂 ). The first design completely ignored the fact that you cant 3D print in mid air without supports, so that failed. After a few more hours of CAD, I had a workable solution! Oh and my original goal was to pay off the USED 3D printer that i bought off eBay, well that happened…. The first week of selling them!

Fast forward to today! We have sold over 50,000 units of these badge holders! Now we are looking to expand impact to the community, by providing kits for a crazy innovative printer. We know it probably wont be the design that sells 100,000 printers the first year, but we hope the early support and feedback will drive future innovation and future versions of this printer. This is why we have adopted the “Pre-order” sale type on our site. This enables us to reach a point (45 kits pre ordered) for which we can order parts in bulk, saving everyone money! By the way, this pre order does not have you pay ANYTHING upfront, you will only be charged when we order the parts for your kit.

If at any point you would like to cancel your pre order you can via the login to this site, OR emailing us at danclmt@gmail.com with your order number.