Our truly benevolent inventor

Kralyn, spent a YEAR of development making this 3D printer as a GIFT to the 3D printing community.
Kralyn released the entirety of this innovative 3D printer under the creative commons license!
They wish to break the cycle of copy and lack of innovation in desktop FDM 3D printer space.

Our Kits

With collaboration and careful sourcing we created the first full positron 3D printer kit!
We are in the process of verification from Positron3D right now!

What is the process for this “PRE-ORDER”?

  1. You place your order
  2. Enter your credit card information via stripe payment system (the most used payment processing system for ecommerce, GOOGLE IT!)
  3. You are NOT charged YET
  4. Once we reach 45 orders for the kit, THEN we charge for all PRE-ORDERS placed
  5. In 2-6 weeks we ship your Positron 3D printer kit
  6. You build your kit and start printing!